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County snowmobile trail system remains closed

There was enough snow to close schools throughout Kenosha County Tuesday, but not enough to open the county snowmobile trail system. Despite the sizable snow, especially in Western Kenosha County, the warm weather earlier this week means the ground is too soft and moisture saturated to ride on and there is water pooled in some […]

Twin Runners Snowmobile Club show and swap meet is Sept. 17

Come join the Twin Runners Snowmobile Club as they present a vintage snowmobile show and swap meet on Sunday, Sept. 17. The event will be held at the Club shed, 469 W. Main St. in Twin Lakes. Many beautifully restored classic machines will be on display starting at noon. Show classes this year will be original and restored pre-1971, 1972-1975, […]

County snowmobile trails system open

The additional snow that fell on Kenosha County Sunday afternoon was enough to warrant the opening of the Kenosha County trail system as of 6:30 p.m. Sunday, according to the system’s phone hotline recording. Also a factor was the heavier nature of the afternoon’s snow. Riders are asked to respect the landowners along the trail […]

Snowmobile trails not open yet

Kenosha County’s snowmobile trail system is not open yet, says a message recorded at the hotline number as of noon Sunday. Just about 3 inches of light snow so far has not been enough to open the trails, the message says. Check the hotline again if the snow keeps falling. The Kenosha snowmobile trail hotline […]

Snowmobile trails not open

The Kenosha County snowmobile system is not open despite Friday and Saturday’s snowfall. The recording at the trail conditions hotline says the trails are not open because marking of the trails is not complete and some farm fields are not ready to be driven on. The Kenosha County snowmobile trail hotline is: 671-4944. Share48Tweet48 Shares

Twin Runners Snowmobile Club Annual Pig Roast Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap Sept. 20

The Twin Runners Snowmobile Club will host its 9th Annual Pig Roast Vintage Snowmobile Show & Swap from noon to 5 p.m., on Sept. 20. The event will be held at 469 W. Main St., Twin Lakes. This year there will be a groomer raffle. With the money raised off this raffle, the club is hoping to offset the cost of a […]

Units responding for snowmobile crash in Wheatland

At 1:26 p.m., Town of Wheatland Fire Department and Silver Lake Rescue Squad units are responding to a report of a snow mobile crash near the 33700 block of Highway JB in Wheatland. Per dispatch: Crash scene is along a trail in a field. UPDATE 1:29 p.m. — Per dispatch: Deputy on scene reports one […]

Snowmobile trail system re-opened

The additional snow of the last few days has allowed the Kenosha County snowmobile trail system to be re-opened, according to the recording at the trail hotline. The Kenosha County snowmobile trail hotline is: 671-4944. Share3Tweet3 Shares

Snowmobile trails closed due to warmer temperatures

The Kenosha County snowmobile trail system has been closed due to warm temperatures. “Hopefully with snow coming Sunday and colder temperatures, we will be able to re-open,” the snowmobile trail hotline recording says. The snowmobile hotline number is 671-4944. Share4Tweet4 Shares

County snowmobile trails open

The Kenosha County snowmobile trail system has been opened, as of this afternoon. A recording at the Kenosha County snowmobile trail hotline (671-4944) updated at 2 p.m. Sunday says the trails are being opened “immediately.” Share8Tweet8 Shares

Snowmobile trails are open; sledding under way

The little over three inches of snow we received here was enough to open the Kenosha County Snowmobile Trail System, the conditions hotline says. Since the snowfall was minimal, the statement on the recording asks snowmobile riders to keep track spinning to a minimum. The hotline number is 671-4944. Meanwhile, sledding was active this afternoon […]

Twin Runners Snowmobile Club meetings for 2012-13 to begin Sept. 5

Twin Runners Snowmobile Club celebrates its 43rd Season this year. The first club meeting of the season will be at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 5, at the Twin Runners Clubhouse, which is located at 469 W. Main St.,Twin Lakes. Twin Runners is a very active club and would like to welcome all snowmobilers to attend the […]

Snowmobile trails are closed

Despite a good amount of  snow on the ground, warm temperatures are keeping the Kenosha County snowmobile trail system closed. The latest update on the county snowmobile alliance hotline (10 a.m. today) said the warmer temperatures did not meet guidelines for opening the trails. There was concern about damaging underlying farm fields. The number for the hotline is 671-4944. ShareTweet0 […]

Snowmobile trails open

Snowmobile trails in Kenosha County are open. The latest update on the county snowmobile alliance hotline (10:20 p.m., 1/20) said Friday’s snow made conditions acceptable for use of the trails. The recorded statement asked those using the trails to stay on the trails, obey rules and respect landowners. The number for the hotline is 671-4944. Share2Tweet2 Shares

Snowmobile trails remain closed

The snow Thursday and Friday may have been the first measurable amount this season, but it wasn’t enough to allow Kenosha County snowmobile trails to open. The official hot line recording (671-4944) says the trails are closed due to insufficient snow in some areas along with the ground not being frozen. ShareTweet0 Shares

No snow yet, but snowmobile clubs are out marking trials

Western Kenosha County hasn’t had a real snow yet, but you can see plenty of activity along road sides and in fields and woods int eh area that anticipate that first big dump. Members of snowmobile clubs are out marking trails with an array of signs that help keep snowmobiling safer and more convenient. Recently I spent a […]

Snowmobile crash sends man to hospital

View Larger Map A crash between two snowmobiles Sunday on the Fox River sent an Illinois man to the hospital via medical transport helicopter. David J. Tahaney, 46, of Round Lake, Ill., was transported from the scene by Flight for Life to an Illinois hospital due to the extent of his injuries. The incident took […]

Twin Lakes to nix snowmobile permit

Twin Lakes is likely to eliminate its village permit for driving snowmobiles in village roads to access snowmobile trails since it conflicts with state regulations. Village administrator David Cox said the conflict was discovered in recent discussions with the DNR. The village had required a one-time $5 permit for riding from home or lodging to trails. “That was the […]

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