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Reader’s photos: Flooded streets in Salem Lakes

The Fox River is about two feet over flood stage Monday and that’s enough to close some adjacent roads. Bruce Francart of Silver Lake shared these photos of the area around Riverside Drive and Shorewood Drive around 81st Street. Share162 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 162

Reader photos: Strawberry Moon over Silver Lake

Did you see the Strawberry Moon in Wednesday night’s sky? Juddie Brandes of Silver Lake did and she shared some photos she took for all of us who did not see it ourselves to enjoy. Brandes explained that the Strawberry Moon — also known as the Rose Moon or Honey Moon — was named by Algonquin tribes, […]

Snow update: 5 inches total; lesser chance of snow through weekend; plus reader photos

We measured a total of 5 inches total of snowfall at headquarter  in the event starting Thursday evening. That was on he low end of the forecast for the winter storm warning period. There is still a lingering chance of snow for the rest of the weekend — 40 percent Friday night, 50 percent […]

Readers photos: Sky over Salem

We have had some interesting looking skies lately in Western Kenosha County. Here is a submission from Valerie Smith of the sky over Salem from Saturday afternoon. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Readers photos: Rainbow over Paddock Lake

Kristen Gourlie took this photo of a rainbow over Paddock Lake on Thursday. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Reader’s photos: July 13, 2017 flood photos

Here are some more photos submitted to of flooding in Western Kenosha County: Have a flooding photo you’d like to submit? Email to or message our Facebook page. Related posts Reader’s photos: Storm/Flooding photos July 12, 2017 Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Reader’s photos: Storm/Flooding photos July 12, 2017

Flooding is widespread  from the deluge of rain experienced overnight into this morning in Western Kenosha County. Deputies continue to respond to multiple reports of more locations where roads are washed over with water or impassable. Do you have some photos of flooding in your area you would like to share? Send them to […]

Readers photos: Deer trapped on Silver Lake ice (Updated)

(Note: This post has been edited to clarify that the deer was on top of the ice. — DH) Cory Ketterhagen shared these photos taken by Kenzi Ketterhagen of a deer trapped on ice on Silver Lake. The photos are from about 7:30 a.m. Saturday. The deer was stuck on the south end of the lake. […]

Readers photos: Sunrise in Paddock Lake

Glenda Dupons shared this photo of a spectacular sunrise taken about 7:11 a.m. this morning in Paddock Lake. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Reader’s photos: Last ride for SLFD Chief David Zillmer

Juddie Brandes of Silver Lake submitted this photo from the funeral Tuesday of David Zillmer, former Silver Lake Fire Department chief and longtime member of the department. Zillmer, 70, died June 14. His obituary is available here. Share33 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 33

Readers photos: Sunday storm

Sunday’s storm that brought a severe thunderstorm warning from the National Weather Service did not bring much in the way of rain or thunder and lightning but it did create some opportunities for photogrpahing some dramitic looking skies. Here are a couple photos submitted by readers: Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Readers photos: Bald eagle in Brighton

Larry Zamba of Brighton has seen some interesting wildlife sights this year. You may remember about a month ago, Zamba found what he says were cougar tracks on his property. Now on Friday morning  he saw a bald eagle near Bong State Recreation Area. Being a professional photographer, Zamba was able to get some excellent photos of […]

Reader’s photos: First big snow fall of Winter of 2015-16

Here are some photos readers have shared of the first snow — which also happens to be the first big snow — of the Winter of 2015-16: Share12 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 12

Readers’ photos: Afternoon storm

The storm that rolled in over the are arounf 3:30 p.m. or so wasn’t unexpected, but it did seem to come up fast. Here’s a photo of the sky over Paddock Lake taken by Valerie Smith: We may not be done. The National Weather Service hourly forecast says rain is likely again by about 10 […]

Readers’ photos: Sky before the storm

Here are some reader submitted photos of the storm Friday evening: Share18 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 18

Readers photos: Pole work on Cogswell Drive

Kelly Mickelsen shared this photo she took in Silver Lake Monday afternoon. Traffic was blocked from just after the parade to well into the afternoon while repairs were made. Kelly took this photo at about 3 p.m. Other people who saw the scene thought it looked like the pole had been struck and damaged by […]

Readers photos: May 12, 2014 storms

There were sure some interesting looking skies out there today. Here are some photos readers shared with us. Share16 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 16

Reader photos: Blood moon over Salem

Do you see the blood moon this morning? The full lunar eclipse, where the moon moves into the earth’s shadow and consequently appears red, was visible early this morning. I wasn’t awake, but lucky for us Tammy Filiatreault of Salem was and she happens to be handy with a camera. She shared this photo of what […]

Readers photos: Snow clean-up in Trevor

Looks like the snow that visited us more or less constantly Tuesday to Thursday is behind us for now.  But Trevor resident and frequent photo contributor West Jacobs shot these photos of snow removal efforts in his neighborhood Thursday. West wrote: I’d like to give a BIG shout out to all the guys doing the […]

Reader photos: Pheasant at Richard Bong State Recreation Area

Salem resident West Jacobs was out at Bong on a recent morning — before all the hunters — and shot some photos of  a pheasant in the sunlight. Thanks for sharing, West. Share13 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 13

Readers’ photos: Fire on Lake Geneva

Bruce Francart of Silver Lake was out on Geneva Lake this morning for a boating outing when he saw the scene he captured in these photos, which he shared with us. Bruce said he took the photos at about 9 a.m. and fire departments were still on the scene at noon. I haven’t been able […]

Readers photos: Paddock Lake fireworks

Here are some photos from West Jacobs of the fireworks over Paddock Lake Wednesday. The display was presented by Westosha Kiwanis Club and the No Joke Golf Outing. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Readers’ photos: Rain gauge

How much rain have we received since last night? West Jacobs rain gauge says almost 2.5 inches from last night until 10 a.m. Wednesday. National Weather Service radar at 12:27 p.m. suggests we could see a little more soon. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Reader photos: Storm clouds

Here are a couple of photos shared by readers of storm clouds that moved through teh area Thursay evening. Elsie Place’s photo was taken over Lilly Lake: Jeanette Amann’s photo was taken in Bristol: There are more thunderstroms and showers in the forecast for today. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Reader video: Helicopter crop dusting

Every once in a while I will hear a call on the scanner about this time of year about low-flying helicopters. Typically, it turns out to be a crop duster. Reader Kelly Mickelsen encountered just such a situation Tuesday and captured it in a neat piece of video, which she shared with us. Here it is: […]

Reader’s photos: Two new eagles

West Jacobs shared these photos of some eagles he found in Kenosha County Sunday. Explains West: “Early this morning, sitting in the swamp with mosquitoes, ticks and the like for about 4 hours I finally got a glimpse of the TWO new Eagles I our Kenosha, Co.” Share11 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 11

Reader Photos: Flooding on April 18, 2013

Frequent photo contributor West Jacobs shared these photos of flooding around Western Kenosha County today. The Sheriff’s Department advises drivers to not try to cross any flooded out road due to unpredictable road conditions. Share38 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 38

Reader’s photos: New local eagle family

West Jacobs shared this photo of some new neighbors he has found in Kenosha County — an new eagle family. Says West: I have watched the nest building, the courtship, and now the sitting on eggs. I don’t want to give the location, for this is the time they are most sensitive to intrusions which […]

Readers photos: Feb. 26, 2103 snow storm

Note: Do you have a photo from today’s snow? Send it to us at and we’ll add it to this post. Share1 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 1

Readers photos: Feb. 7, 2013 snow photos

Note: I moved this back up to the top as more photos are coming in Friday morning. — DH Here are some photos from Thursday’s snow that readers are sharing. (UPDATED 7:59 p.m., Friday) Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

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