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Quotable: Little League parents vs. dog owners

I don’t know that dog owners are any more aggressive drivers than Little League people.” Randall town Chairman Bob Stoll during discussion at Thursday’s Town Board meeting about having the county asphalt an apron at the future joint entrance of Bassett Park and a planned county off-leash dog park. Some were saying the apron may be needed once the dog […]

Quotable: Welcome and may you soon be obsolete

“I hope you understand when I say I hope that your tenure is short …” Former town official Audrey Van Slochteren speaking to newly appointed Bristol town supervisors at a meeting Monday. Part of Bristol incorporated as a village in December and a referendum on annexing the remaining town to the village as well is anticipated. Until then, there’s a village of […]

Quotable: Don’t go all foo-fooey on us now

“I don’t think I want to tell 198 families that we’re going to have some foo-fooey table and they have to go to The Sharing Center.” Paddock Lake village Trustee Karen Harris during discussion of whether the village should spend $3,500 for the construction of a desk and podium system for the Village Board to sit at during meetings. Currently the […]

Quotable: Super saving supervisor

“I’ll clip coupons for a dollar … but sometimes if you have to buy three boxes of cereal, it’s not worth it.” Randall Supervisor Mark Halvey during a discussion by the board about what was the right amount of money to not refund to people who overpaid their taxes. The board settled on $5. ShareTweet0 Shares

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