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Vice president makes a stop West of the I

Vice President Joe Biden was campaigning Friday in Oshkosh and then in Somers at UW-Parkside. Between the two appearances, he had time for a quick stop in Western Kenosha County — at Mars Cheese Castle in Paris, specifically. Here’s a story from about the Paris visit. Here’s coverage of the UW-Parkside speech from WLS-TV. Share1Tweet1 Shares

West of the I poll: Where will you watch the Super Bowl?

We thought it would be fun to see where West of the I residents will watch the Packers in the Super Bowl. Will you be …online surveys ShareTweet0 Shares

West of the I Poll results: Cold gets cold shoulder

The results of our poll about what is the worst part of West of the I winter are in. Seems most of our respondents are most bitter about bitter cold. I can understand that! Here are the results: What’s the biggest burden of West of the I winter?(polls) ShareTweet0 Shares

West of the I poll: What’s worse, cold or snow?

The defining characteristics of a West of the I winter come down to cold and snow. We’ve had a little of each so far this season. So, which is worse, bitter cold or lots of snow? What’s the biggest burden of West of the I winter?(polls) ShareTweet0 Shares

West of the I poll results: Highway50/B project had biggest impact

The Highways B and 50 construction was voted as having the most impact on Western Kenosha County residents by participants in a recent West of the I poll. Some 39 percent of those answering the poll named Highways 50 and B as the area road project that had the most impact in what has seemed like a summer stretching into fall of road work on […]

West of the I poll: The road least closed by construction

Several big road projects this year have been disrupting the lives of West of the I residents. Which of the following did/does have the biggest impact on you?(answers) ShareTweet0 Shares

West of the I poll results: Party on!

The results of our most recent West of the I poll were decidedly in favor of holiday parties at school during school hours for students. The most pro party answer — “Kids need some relief from the school day once in a while. Parties during school are OK” –received the highest percentage of votes — 45 percent. The most anti-party answer — “School is about […]

West of the I poll: School holiday parties

Riverview School recently enacted a no holiday party policy. Other schools have moved away from parties during school time as well. What do you think?(opinion) ShareTweet0 Shares

West of the I poll results: Olympics would be a plus

A West of the I poll measuring attitudes about whether Chicago’s Olympics bid will benefit Western Kenosha County came down firmly on the positive. Some 61 percent of those voting chose the most pro Olympics answer: “There is sure to be spill-over economic benefit that will create opportunities for local businesses and jobs for local residents.” […]

West of the I poll: Would the Olympics be good for Western Kenosha County?

Whether the Olympics will come to Chicago in 2016 will be announced Friday morning. If the International Olympics Committee awards the games to Chicago, will it be good or bad for us here with all of our Illinois economic and personal connections? If the Olympics come to Chicago in 2016, how do you think it will effect […]

West of the I poll result: Packers backers stronger for team than Bears fans

More West of the I Packers fans feel their team will do better than the Bears than vice versa our poll showed. The question was who between the Packers and the Bears will end up with the better season record? 56 percent of respondents said they were Packers fans and they feel the Packers will […]

West of the I poll: Whose season will be better, Packers or Bears?

Kenosha County may be the safest place in Wisconsin to be a Bears fan. Consequently, NFL loyalties are pretty divided here. But we want you to go beyond the emotion of tomorrow’s season opening head-to-head clash and tell us — sincerely now — which team you think will end up with a better season. Western […]

Poll: Where did the summer weather go?

Temperatures in Western Kenosha County haven’t felt like real July lately. How are you feeling about the cooler weather?(polls) ShareTweet0 Shares

Poll: What do you think of gas prices?

Prices at the gas pump are over $2.70 throughout Western Kenosha County. Explanations vary. Which do you think is the most plausible?(answers) Associated Press story on gas/oil prices. Story on Wisconsin gas prices. ShareTweet0 Shares

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