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Missing pets: Pit bull found in Randall

A young, male, champagne-colored pit bull was found near Highways JI and F in Randall. People with information about this dog can call Randall Town Hall at 877-2165. Share13 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 13

Missing pets: Cat lost near Highway 50

A A cat is reported missing, last seen in a vetrinarian office parking lot on the north side of Highway 50 in Salem Lakes. Anyone with info about this cat can call Hilda E at 630-330-2010 or 630-330-0328. UPDATE Oct. 10, 2018 — Cat found. Share23 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 23

Missing pets: Chihuahua found in Randall

A brown, male Chihuahua was found this morning in Ridgeway subdivision. Please call Randall Town Hall at 262-877-2166 with any information.   Share78 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 78

Missing pets: Dog found in Randall

This dog was found Wednesday morning on 125th Street and Richmond Road in Randall. Contact Barb Halvey at 262-492-4400 for information or retrieval. Share44 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 44

Missing pets: Dog found in Randall

This dog was found Thursday in the 39600 block of 93rd Street in the Town of Randall. To claim this dog, call Randall Town Hall at 262-877-2165 until 5 p.m., Thursday or Supervisor Mark Halvey at 262-279-3388. Share55 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 55

Missing pets: Dog found in Salem

This dog was found in the in the 8500 block of 234th Ave., Salem. If you have information about the owner of this dog, contact Share103 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 103

Missing pets: Dog found near Lilly Lake

This dog was found near Highways W and JI in the Lilly Lake area. If you have information about this dog’s owner, please call: 262 492-5709. Share16 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 16

Missing pets: Dog found along Highway K

This dog was found running loose along Highway K near the Pheasant Run landfill Saturday evening. Anyone with information about the dog’s owner or who wants to claim the animal as theirs should contact UPDATE — Dog has been returned to owner. Share70 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 70

Missing pets: Boston terrier from Brighton

A Boston terrier has been reported missing Wednesday afternoon from a Brighton residence. Ace is described as being black and white with very poor eyesight. He wandered off from a backyard deck in the area of 41st Street and 308th Avenue in Brighton. Anyone with information about Ace should call Louise at 262-661-6366. Share Tweet Share […]

Missing pets: Black Lab

A Black Lab is missing. She took off in about the 26800 block of Highway 50 around 7 p.m. Monday. She got hit by a car and she kept running across the 4 lane highway heading west. Her family has been searching up and down Highway 50. She is an older lab with gray around her mouth, white patch […]

Missing pets: White dog

A lost dog is being held at Randall Town Hall. The small, white dog with poodle like attributes was found in the area of 380th Avenue at about 3:30 a.m., Wednesday. The dog was wearing a pink collar. If you are the owner of the dog or know who is please contact the Randall town […]

Missing pets: Horse found in Brighton

The horse shown above showed up in a yard this morning. He was found on the corner of Highways JB and X in Brighton. If you know anything about this horse, contact  Jim at 262-620-4434. Share34 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 34

Missing Pets: Calico kitten

A lost calico kitten with a blue collar in Bristol/Paris was found Monday night. The cat is male with all four claws. The person who found the cat estimates that it is about a year old. “He is friendly as can be and definitely belongs to someone,” the person who has the cat says. If this is your cat, call Billie […]

Missing pets: White female dog

A lost small white female dog is being held by Randall town officials. The dog was found Wednesday afternoon after being found running loose in the area of 87th Street and 385th Avenue, said Supervisor Mark Halvey. This dog’s disposition is described as friendly and quiet. The dog is wearing a pink collar with no tags and has chip, but […]

Missing pets: Female chocolate lab mix

A family is looking for their missing dog, Penny. Penny is described as a female chocolate lab mix. Her home is in Trevor. If you know anything about this dog’s whereabouts call 862-1524 or 262-716-8599. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 0

Missing pets: Older, beagle-like dog found in Bassett

A older, beagle-like, male dog is being held by Randall town officials. The dog was found running loose in the area of the Randall Fire Department Station in Bassett. Call 877-2165 to claim this dog or if you have any information about who might be the owner. UPDATE — Dog claimed. Share10 Tweet Share Pin +1 […]

Missing pets: Kitten found in Paddock Lake

A lost kitten was found on the north side of Paddock Lake. The kitten is described as a small, gray female with white feet and wearing a pink collar with a bell. Anyone with information about this kitten’s owner can call 262-586-8282. UPDATE 9:54 p.m. — Kitten reunited with owner. Share Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares […]

Missing pets: Young tan female dog in Bassett

A lost young, tan, female dog with a cropped tail is being held by Randall town officials. The dog was turned in to the town Tuesday after being found running loose in Bassett, said Supervisor Mark Halvey. Call 877-2165 to claim this dog or if you have any information about who might be the owner. […]

Missing pets: Boxer/pit mix

Found Boxer/Pit mix.  Male.  White/Orange/Black in color, wearing a blue collar. Found June 20th near Hwy 75 and NN.  Dog was scanned and no microchip was found. Dog now at Safe Harbor, Kenosha. Share2 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 2

Missing pet: Dog found in Salem Oaks

A dog found in Salem Oaks is now at Safe Harbor Humane Society, reader Linda Karow reports. Info about the dog: No microchip, found with no collar, spayed female, about 8 years old, multiple… fatty tumors on abdomen. Was scared and running through neighborhood. No collar. All black, brown eyes, some grey/white around mouth. Share Tweet Share […]

Missing pets: White cat from Twin Lakes

A Twin Lakes family is looking for a missing cat. The cat, named Cosey, is white, has no tail and is described as very friendly. Anyone with information on this cat is asked to call 773-320-1870. UPDATE March 24 — Cat found. Share7 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 7

Missing pets: Black lab from New Munster

Belle is a  black lab, 6 years old, approximately 70 pounds and  wearing royal blue collar.  She went missing this morning Monday, March 2 around 10:45 a.m. She was last seen  in the area of Highways KD and Old Highway 50 in New Munster. If you have any information regarding Belle please call Bob at 262-492-8881. UPDATE — Belle’s owner […]

Missing pets: Golden retriever from Twin Lakes

A golden retriever named Sam has been missing since approximately 4:45 p.m on Feb. 15 from a home in the area of Highway P and Lance Drive in Twin Lakes. If you have any information regarding this pet please call 262-877-8434. UPDATE 6:46 a.m. — Sam has been found, his family reports. Share43 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 43

Missing pets: Male, orange and white tabby

A year old, male, orange and white tabby has been missing for a few days from a Trevor home. His owners are hoping someone offered him a warm place to sleep, and he will return once he was able. The cat usually stays close to home, unlike his brother who loves to explore.  He is […]

Missing pets: Orange, male tabby cat from Trevor

An orange, male tabby cat is missing from a home near Highway JF and Antioch Road (Highway 83) in Trevor. He may be wearing a blue collar with white hearts. His owners are hoping someone has offered him a warm place to stay while waiting to find his home. Call : 262-862-7613 if you have […]

Missing pets: Male gray cat from Paddock Lake

A cat went missing late Sunday night from a home in Paddock Lake, 24300 block of 75th Street (Highway 50). Cat is a gray male, no front claws, and extremely friendly. Please call Mary 262-308-6283 with any information. Reward offered for return. Share7 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 7

Missing pets: Brown and black corgi

A female black and brown corgi is missing from its home in the 25200 block of 60th Street, Salem. The dog was last seen Sunday at the home. If you have the dog, or any information about its whereabouts, call Josh at 262-308-3968. UPDATE 10:03 p.m. — Dog found and back home. Share1 Tweet Share Pin +1 […]

Missing Pet: Black Shar pei

Have you seen a black Shar pei that may have been lost. This pet was last seen in the area of 243rd Avenue and 64th Street, Paddock Lake. The dog is estimated to weigh about 50 pounds. Anyone with information about the dog is asked to call Safe Harbor at 262-694-4047. UPDATE  1/20 — Dog found, but unfortunately […]

Missing Pets: Socks, a husky mix

A local family is looking for their missing dog. Socks is a husky mix. He’s just over a year old. Mostly black but has white on his neck and belly along with his paws. One blue eye, one brown eye and a floppy ear. He’s a very strong dog but extremely friendly. He was last […]

Missing Pets: Brown rosetted Bengal cat

A local family is looking for their lost cat, which was last seen at Musial and Spiegelhoff roads in Twin Lakes on Aug. 24. The cat is a brown Rosetted Bengal. When you see her she looks like an Asian leopard. Call 847-502-0228 with any information. Share14 Tweet Share Pin +1 StumbleShares 14

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