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Kenosha County Public Health changes procedure on contacting people who test positive for COVID-19

If you test positive for COVID-19 in Kenosha County you may no longer be contacted by Kenosha County Public Health after a change in procedure announced Tuesday. From a news release distributed Tuesday: In response to evolving needs and priorities in the ongoing COVID-19 response, Kenosha County Public Health has updated its disease investigation procedures, […]

Kenosha County Public Health to host a public COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Central HS April 17

Kenosha County Public Health will host its first COVID-19 vaccination clinic open to the general public at a Western Kenosha County location on April 17 at Central High School in Paddock Lake. Following are the details in a news release distributed Monday morning: Kenosha County Public Health, in partnership with Westosha Central High School, will […]

Kenosha County Public Health issues new guidance on events

Are you looking to attend or plan a mass attendance event this year? If yes, Kenosha County Public Health recently issued some new guidance. Organizers of some types of events also are asked to develop a COVID-19 Safe Event Plan for Kenosha County Public Health’s review and approval. Here’s more from a Kenosha County Public […]

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