Silver Lake Boat Parade 2024

At noon, 38 boats circled Silver Lake in the annual boat parade. They were judged for prizes. The themes this year were Patriotic and Generations of Barbie – how YOU remember Barbie. The judging criteria was creativity, playing the role/animation, bright/colorful, music, crowd appeal, and sportsmanship. The parade began behind Copper Bottom.

Barbie theme winners.

1st place Brian Scheckel
2nd place Danielle Engelstad
3rd place Bruce and Jen Burg
4th place Brian, Bill and Sue Hopkins

Patriotic winners.

1st place Sandro and Nama Perez
2nd place Isabell and Todd Albrecht
3rd place Greg Schrader
4th place K. Robinson


1st place Sharon and Stormy Grumbeck
2nd place Jackie Baker Olsen
They paraded past a busy Silver Lake beach.

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