Salem Lakes Village Board to appoint for vacant seat; applications due May 17

Note: This story was edited from its original version with updated information. — DH

The Salem Lakes Village Board has decided to appoint someone to fill the remaining term of recently resigned Trustee Kelly Sweeting.

The board made the decision to appoint someone at the May 6 meeting.

The board set a deadline of May 17 for interested individuals to apply to fill the trustee seats. The term expires in April 2025.

The application is available here and should be returned to village administrator Cassandra Hiller..

At the May 6 meeting, board members were asked by village President Rita Bucur to come up with a question to be asked of trustee candidates. Applicants will be sent those questions on May 17 to be returned by May 20, said village administrator Cassandra Hiller. The appointment will be on the agenda for the May 20 board meeting for discussion and possible action.

Village attorney Remzy Bitar said the board had a few options on how to proceed with the vacant seats. The board could fill it by appointment, hold a special election or let it remain vacant until next April.

Board members who spoke on the topic seemed leery of leaving the seat open and creating a board with an even number of members that could more easily deadlock in tied votes.

A vote to appoint someone to the seat cannot be by secret ballot, Bitar said.

Trustee Dennis Faber said he was first appointed to the Salem Town Board to fill a vacant seat. In his case he was given questions from the board ahead of his interview.

Trustee Bill Hopkins said he also was first appointed to the Silver Lake Village Board to fill a vacant seat. He was not given questions ahead of time.

Sweeting resigned as of April 30 citing health issues.


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