Sponsored post: Retired Sheriff David Beth endorses Judge Frank Gagliardi

Retired Sheriff David Beth

Note: This is a paid advertisement from Frank Gagliardi for Judge, Treasurer Todd Terry — DH

Judge Frank Gagliardi was appointed in 2023 to replace the long time Branch 3 Judge Bruce Schroeder. The Honorable Judge Schroeder was a pillar in the Kenosha County Judicial System. Judge Gagliardi was appointed after a lengthy process by the State of Wisconsin.

Some of the highly scrutinized traits required were honesty, integrity, past service to the community, having first-hand experience as a trial attorney and having the greatest chance to be elected to the office when the election cycle comes around. Judge Frank Gagliardi is the person chosen with these desired qualities and so many more.

I have known Frank Gagliardi for over 32 years. It began during his developmental years. When I met Frank, he was a student at Brighton Elementary when I was a DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) officer. I have had the pleasure of watching Frank grow up in Kenosha County where he married and is raising his family. Our relationship continues as he presides as our Judge in Branch 3 of the Kenosha County Circuit Court. Judge Gagliardi has a long history of commitment to our community and Kenosha County.

Frank has spent many years as a dedicated volunteer with Lakeland Little League. We worked side by side making a difference for families and the youth of our community. Frank is hands on and puts in the hard work.

Judge Frank Gagliardi is a person of integrity, willing to listen to people in any situation and not just when someone is watching. Frank has also been serving Kenosha County as an attorney for the past 18 years as the foundation to his most recent appointment as Judge. I know that Judge Gagliardi is someone who will make a huge impact in keeping Kenosha ‘s future safer by executing intelligent decisions and finding the tough solutions on crime. This is an important
election for Kenosha. Frank’s service and dedication to our community, his core values, and his experiences within the legal system are exactly what Kenosha needs.

After my 40 years in Law Enforcement, I can’t think of a person I would rather have to keep our community safer.

David G. Beth
Retired and longest serving Sheriff of Kenosha County


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