Sponsored post: Third Party Involvement Creates Confusion Among Voters

Note: The following is a paid advertisement from Heather Iverson for Judge, Roberta Puntillo, treasurer — DH

The following statement is from Circuit Court Judge candidate Heather Iverson:

For the past four months, I’ve traveled across Kenosha County meeting with voters, listening to their concerns, and talking about our shared values. My message has always been that judges should be elected based on their experience, knowledge of the law, and their commitment to serving the community.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that outsiders are trying to infect this judicial race with partisan ads. As every lawyer knows, entities separate from the candidate can seek to influence elections as they choose. I did not solicit or approve these ads. I denounce any effort to turn this judicial race into an ugly, dishonest partisan battle.

I will continue to run an honorable campaign up through Election Day and work to earn your support based on my own merits.

Heather Iverson


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