Spring election 2024: County Board Dist. 20 supervisor candidates Q&A

Voters in County Board District 20 will be able to vote in a contested county supervisor race in the spring election.

On the April 2 ballot are:

  • John Poole, the incumbent
  • Michael La Forge

District 20 includes Paddock Lake and part of Salem Lakes. Here’s a map.

The same questionnaire was submitted by westofthei.com to each candidate by email.

Here, in alphabetical order is their biographical information, followed by their question responses:

Michael La Forge — Age: 30; Village, town, city where you reside: Paddock Lake, Kenosha; Education:
Master of Science- Healthcare Administration University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, Bachelor of Science- Clinical Laboratory Science University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. Occupation: Program Manager; Previous elected or appointed public office: N/A

John Poole — Age: 76. Village, town, city where you reside: Village of Paddock Lake, WI; Education:  BS in Accounting from Illinois State University; Occupation:  Currently Retired.  Previously I worked for large and small companies as an accountant for over 40 years.; Previous elected or appointed public office: Kenosha County Board 2014-2020, Kenosha County Board 2022 to Present. Paddock Lake Board Trustee 2021 to Present.

1.) Why are you the best candidate for Kenosha County supervisor, Dist. 20?

La Forge — With seven years in the Air Force, service in the Peace Corps, and now a career in healthcare, I have the skills, experience, and knowledge to be a strong voice for the constituents of the 20th District. I’m deeply concerned about so many of the economic challenges facing families in our district, especially with rising expenses and the strain on fixed incomes. I will be your advocate for prioritizing business development, job creation, and keeping spending in check- all while maintaining essential services that you and your families rely on. I’ve called this community home my whole life and I will support smart-forward thinking investments into our current and future generations. I’ll be attentive, listen to your ideas, and bring new solutions to the conversation. I hope I can earn on your vote on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Poole — I’m the best candidate as I have served as a member of the County Board for almost 8 years and know the issues.  I attend both Paddock Lake and Salem Lakes board meetings and I have been a resident of my district for 16 years.  I’m running again to keep working to save taxpayers from crushing tax increases, to keep supporting our Sheriff’s department so they can keep us safe and to help those in crisis, whether they need mental health, Veterans services, employment, or family services.

2.) What do you see as the chief issues controlled by the county government that affect Western Kenosha County residents and how would you address them if elected?

La Forge — One issue affecting residents of Western Kenosha County is the aging roads. These roads pose safety hazards and contribute to transportation inefficiencies for our community. As your county supervisor, I will prioritize regular maintenance schedules to address repair needs. I will also support road replacement initiatives when they make sense. Collaborating with state and regional partners will be essential to secure the funding needed for these critical infrastructure upgrades. Ensuring timely and effective response to emergencies- including fire, police, and medical
services, is a critical concern for residents of Western Kenosha County. As your future county supervisor, I am committed to advocating for funding for our police and fire departments to maintain necessary staffing levels and ensure they have the equipment needed to keep our communities safe. Additionally, I will work to enhance our emergency response capabilities through the implementation of training programs and strategic investments in updated equipment.

Poole — One of the pressing issues is the increasing crime in our county.  In the last 2 county budgets I voted to fund more Sheriff’s deputies to help fight crime and reduce speeding on our roads.  I’m endorsed by Sheriff Zoerner and will continue to work to keep Western Kenosha County residents safe. Another pressing issue is the Opioid epidemic.  I voted to increase mental health services by contracting with Lake Behavioral Health to bring services closer to Kenosha Co.  I also advocated for collaboration with Wilmot High School to implement an opioid awareness program as part of early prevention efforts.  I will continue to work with County Executive Samantha Kerkman to implement evidence based ways to combat the opioid problem in our county.


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