Spring election 2024: County Board Dist. 19 supervisor candidates Q&A

Voters in County Board District 19 will be able to vote in a contested county supervisor race in the spring election.

On the April 2 ballot are:

  • Brian S. Bashaw, the incumbent
  • Keith Gray

District 19 includes Paris and parts of Brighton, northern Bristol and Somers. Here’s a map.

The same questionnaire was submitted by westofthei.com to each candidate by email.

Here, in alphabetical order is their biographical information, followed by their question responses:

Brian S. Bashaw — Age: 60; Village, town, city where you live: Brighton; Occupation: Advanced Dental Technologies, LLC President  (Current), Distribution partner for BoneEasy individualized Cranial Maxillofacial Implants (iCMF); Keystone Dental Vice President Sales, NAm, Dentsply Sirona Director  (Sales, Sales Training, University and KOL Development); Education: Some College, Extensive sales, Management and Leadership training. Previous elected or appointed public office: Kenosha County Board Supervisor, District 19 — Judiciary and Law Chair, Planning Education Extension and Development Committee, Executive Committee, Joint Services Committee, Broadband Committee Vice Chair, Pringle Nature Center Board.

 Keith Gray — Age: 63; Village, town, city where you reside:  Bristol; Education: Illinois Institute of Technology 1979-1984; Occupation: Small Business Owner; Previous elected or appointed public office: Rondout Dist. 72 (Lake County, IL) School Board 1998-2010

1.) Why are you the best candidate for Kenosha County supervisor, Dist. 19?

Bashaw — I am running for a second term to continue being your principled voice, acting with integrity, serving intelligently, making reasoned and measured decisions. I am a fiscal conservative desiring a smaller government that does not frivolously utilize our hard-earned money for wasteful or unnecessary spending. I have voted for two consecutive budgets promoting conservative values and reducing our county taxes. I actively defend our Constitution and the Bill of Right to protect our fundamental American values. Public Safety is a top priority and I work diligently to promote public safety through support of the Sheriff’s Department, Courts, Joint Services and the functions of our local government.  I advocated strongly for the Sheriff Department Budget to significantly expand the services provided and to protect our safety.  We must continue to aggressively respond to the crime that is pervasive and persistently imported into our county. As a first term Board Supervisor, I am fully engaged in my responsibility serving on six committees in addition to the board.  I am a passionate member of the board and promoter of conservative values, acting with honesty and integrity. I am continually focused on fiscal accountability, public safety and defending our constitutional rights. I diligently represent my district, and our residents needs. What makes me the best candidate for District 19?  Being the incumbent, my experience and proven record is an invaluable asset. My time as a committee chair, serving on key committees such as Finance, Judiciary and Law, Joint Services and the Executive Committee, and successfully sponsoring multiple resolutions has been very beneficial to my district.  I look forward to continuing to serve District 19,  to act with integrity, weighing the information and our needs, and making the best decisions possible. I am the true conservative, delivering on my promise to be your voice, and I am asking for your vote.

Gray — A County Supervisor has to be able to work with and understand the perspectives of all County residents, businesses, and organizations.  I have worked in all three sectors (as a successful job creator/small business owner for 38 years, as an elected official for 12 years, and as an Executive Director or Board Member of not-for-profit organizations for 30 years.  My wife and I have a modest farm where we raise crops and breed livestock. With grown/successful children and a business staffed by an incredible team, I have the time and proven leadership experience to effectively serve the 19th District.

2.) What do you see as the chief issues controlled by the county government that affect Western Kenosha County residents and how would you address them if elected?

Bashaw — Community Safety: As Chair of Judiciary and Law Committee, I’ve fought for and passed a budget with strategic deployment plans to increase direct enforcement, adding to our drug intervention program and providing professional detention staffing for our jail and detention center. We must protect our safety and address crime proactively, employing dynamic strategies. Modern Broadband for all:  Serving as Vice Chair of the Broadband Advisory Committee, my focus is to ensure that we all have access to high speed, modern internet service in our rural areas as well as our cities and towns. Access is vital to life today. Fiscal Accountability: Investing wisely, I’m proud to have impacted budgets which reduced the county tax rate two years consecutively, yet improved services throughout our county. Ethics and Integrity: I serve all residents of District 19, working with all board members to deliver on my commitments to you! We are all neighbors and deserve an active and committed supervisor to

Gray — Transparent/accountable government.  As I go door-to-door, citizens are unaware of uninformed regarding most county functions and how their tax money is spent.  I’d work to improve methods of communication and allow for more frequent feedback. Protecting private property and individual rights.  Government overreach at all levels is creeping in.  While my opponent has voted to the contrary, I would put individual rights as a top priority when faced with decisions regarding County policies. Common sense development.  Development in Kenosha County is explosive.  Better coordination between individual municipalities, property owners, and developers can help improve the quality of life in Kenosha County while not stifling beneficial development. Public safety.  With growth and development come greater challenges regarding public safety.  Law enforcement and the prosecutors must be supported and expected to deter crime and put away dangerous criminals.   


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