A word from our sponsors: Now is the time to visit Hafs Road Orchard

Note: This is a paid announcement from Hafs Road Orchard — DH

Fall is the time to visit Hafs Road Orchard.

2023 marks owners Richard and Deborah Polansky’s 42nd year of growing apples at Hafs Road Orchard.

The orchard store is bursting with fresh apples for eating, cakes, pies, apple sauce, salads and crisps.

Starting in late September, squash, pumpkin and ornamental gourd selections and broom corn bundles in lovely fall colors will be available. Hafs Road Orchard’s famous macrame hangers for pumpkins and gourds are available in 3 sizes. They add a distinctive touch to your autumn display.

Caramel apples made with Honeycrisp and coated with peanuts, pecans or sprinkles continue to delight.

Hafs Road Orchard is again using its outdoors selling area.

Hafs Road Orchard is open through Thanksgiving. Check here for hours.

Honeycrisp are a delicious, healthy holiday gift.

Hafs Road Orchard is conveniently located just 7 miles east of Lake Geneva at W632 Hafs Road, Genoa City.


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