Agenda: Salem Lakes special board meeting Sept. 19. 2023

The Salem Lakes Village Board is scheduled to hold a special meeting Tuesday, starting at 6 p.m. at Village Hall in Salem.

The meeting can also be viewed live and archived here.

Among the agenda items are:

  • Creation of Chief Election Officer/Deputy Clerk position
  • Approval Of the Interim Village Clerk’s appointment to the Chief Election Officer/Deputy Clerk Shannon Hahn
  • Approval of a budget amendment to fund the full-time position of the Chief Election Officer/Deputy Clerk
  • Fire Department second of three purchase requests. Equipment for Squad 5851 in the amount of $82,459.93 (tabled from 9/11/23)
  • Village legal services
  • Community Stakeholder panel members for Administrator candidate interviews
  • Review and discussion on Ordinance Chapter 100-12; functions and duties of Administrator

The full agenda is available here


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