“Sheila Siegler Day” proclaimed at longtime Wheatland clerk’s retirement party

Retired Wheatland town Clerk Sheila Siegler (right) chats with friends at her retirement party Saturday.

Ask Sheila Siegler what was the best part of being Wheatland town clerk for 46 years and she has a quick answer.

“The people have been really good,” Siegler said.

Siegler has been serving Wheatland residents since 1977, when she first ran for clerk. She has been successfully re-elected every election after that until deciding to not run for re-election this year.

Siegler’s contribution to the community and town government was recognized Saturday by a proclamation from Kenosha County Executive Samantha Kerkman at Siegler’s retirement party at Town Hall in New Munster. Kerkman presented Siegler with a plague holding the proclamation. Here is video of the presentation:

Siegler was working at Wheatland Central School before becoming town clerk. She knew a bit about the job, as her husband, Erv, held the position just before her. Erv decided he was not going to run for re-election so Sheila, who had helped him with his duties, decided to seek the office, she said.

Though every town and village clerk in Western Kenosha County is currently a woman, it was rare In 1977, Siegler pointed out.

“In those days, women weren’t in office,” Siegler said.

State statutes define certain mandatory duties for town clerks, much which revolves around administering elections. But over her years in the job, Siegler has taken on many other duties, principally because there was no one else to do so.

“Someone has to do them,” Siegler said. “The clerk really is the administrator when there isn’t one. We’re pretty lean around here.”

Changes in town government Siegler saw during her time in office included establishing office space in the Town Hall building (which used to be the firehouse as well) and computerization.

Siegler’s roots in the community are deep. She lives close to where her great, great grandparents settled after immigrating from Germany. She plans to continue to live here and enjoy additional time to pursue her many hobbies and interests, including getting back to reading books regularly.

“I just want to thank the Wheatland residents for being such good people,” Siegler said. “And as a whole pretty patient too.”

From left: Wheatland town Treasurer Deborah Vos, town Supervisor Kelly Wilson, former town Chairman William Glembocki, Sheila Siegler, County Executive Samantha Kerkman, former town Chairman Wayne Kaddatz, former town Chairman Jeff Butler and county Clerk Regi Waligora.


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