Spring election 2023: Randall town supervisor #3 Q&A

Voters in Randall will be able to vote in a contested election for town supervisor #3 in the April 4 election.

On the ballot will be:

  • Randy Kaskin, the incumbent
  • Nancy Kemp

The same questionnaire was submitted by westofthei.com to each candidate by email. Here is their biographical information followed by their question responses presented in alphabetical order:

Randy Kaskin — Age: 56. Education: High School graduate. Occupation: Kenosha County Public Works. Previous elected or appointed public office: Town of Randall Supervisor #3.

Nancy Kemp — Age: 67. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Science, Barat College. Occupation: Retired healthcare professional. Previous elected or appointed public office: Town of Randall Supervisor 2020-2022, Randall Planning Board commissioner 2012-2021, Kenosha County Library System trustee 2013-present, Community
Library trustee 2013-present, Kenosha County Local Emergency Planning Committee member 2022-

1.) Why are you the best candidate for Randall Supervisor #3?

Kaskin — I have lived in the town my whole life. My years of experience as a supervisor for the Town of Randall make me the best candidate. 

Kemp — I am the best candidate for Randall Supervisor #3 because I take leadership seriously and invest time to
do the homework required to better serve Randall residents. I advocate for communication with other
communities to share resources and form partnerships which benefit us all. Randall is my home and I
love my home. In addition to my elected and appointed service, I was a Randall firefighter from 2010-
2015 and have served on the Friends of Community Library Board from 2018-present.

2.) What do you see as the chief issues faced by the town government and how would you address them if elected?

Kaskin — With the limited funding that the town receives, trying to achieve the needs of every single tax payer in the town is a chief issue. I will do my best to distinguish between wants versus needs.

Kemp — The new town board will be moving in a direction of greater transparency and cooperation. This will lead
to more effective local government. It would be my honor to have the opportunity to be part of this
positive change.


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