Highway 50 update March 19, 2023

Note: westofthei.com will be reporting regular updates on the construction work on Highway 50 in Paddock Lake this spring, summer and fall. We will share what is made available to us by project engineer GRAEF, the state and village, and hope to have periodic updates with reports on what work has taken place and what is expected for the coming week. — DH

Weather conditions continued to delay the start of Stage 2.  Officials expect that it will begin sometime mid-week, but it will not be starting on Monday.  Snow, rain, and cold temperatures are not good conditions for laying new pavement or installing temporary pavement markings.  Pavement marking tape and paint can quickly deteriorate if installed during prolonged cold temperatures or salt/brined pavement, creating safety problems later in the project.  Work crews are scheduled for multiple projects weeks in advance, so rescheduling due to weather can delay project schedules if a “make-up” date is not immediately available. 

What is expected to be done week of March 20:

  • STH 50 will go into Stage 2 configuration by the end of the week of March 20.  (Originally scheduled for 3/15 but pushed due to weather/scheduling conflicts.  Closures are weather dependent and subject to change)
  • Stage 2 consists of all traffic in the westbound lanes of STH 50 in a bidirectional pattern. 
  • Left turns to be closed at 248th and 250th Avenues.  Left turns open at all other side roads. 

Project completion is expected by Nov. 2023.

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