Highway 50 update March 5, 2023

Note: westofthei.com will be reporting regular updates on the construction work on Highway 50 in Paddock Lake this spring, summer and fall. We will share what is made available to us by project engineer GRAEF, the state and village, and hope to have weekly updates with reports on what work has taken place in the the past week and what is expected for the coming week. — DH

What was done week of Feb. 27:

  • Stage 1B removals have begun at STH 83 and 246th Ave intersections.
  • Outdoor Lighting Construction has started installation of temporary signals in both intersections.  Crews using small amount of drums in the corners of the intersections for traffic control.
  • TCP will begin to stage traffic control devices for Stage 1B.
  • WE Energies may begin “old” utility pole removals (mainly on the north side of 75th Street).

What is expected to be done week March 6:

  • Stage 1 removals and installations will continue at STH 83 and 246th Ave intersections.
  • Oakes may begin to perform clearing operations (tree removals).
  • First weekly progress meeting to be held on Tuesday.
  • WE Energies will continue to remove the old utility poles along the entire corridor where all other communication services have been moved to the new pole.
  • 50 will go into Stage 1B configuration on March 8th.   This has been bumped up from the 13th since the temp signal work has been going faster than anticipated.  (Closures are weather dependent and subject to change)
  • EB/WB STH 50 will have the inside lane closed through the entire village, from west crossover to east crossover, using drums.
  • Left turn lanes to side roads will be set up in lane #1.
  • Left turn movements between side roads will very limited.
  • Stage 1B is for removing signals in the medians at STH 83/STH 75 intersection and 246th Ave intersection.  Portions of the raised median will be removed and temporary pavement installed for Stage 2 turning movements.

Project completion is expected by Nov. 2023.

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