Father and stepson recognized with Paris Standing Ovation Award

“Too often people do remarkable things, and we accept them as everyday occurrences and they need to be recognized.” Town Chairman John Holloway

The Town of Paris and The Town of Paris Fire and Rescue presented the Standing Ovation Award. Town Chairman John Holloway said “The Town of Paris created the Standing Ovation Award to be handed out to people who have done something truly over and above our daily taking care of each other.” It isn’t just for fire and rescue.

The recipients Tuesday night were Ronald Meigs and his step-son Kaden Hentschel. December 9, 2022 they came upon an accident at 161000 38th Street where a car had hit a pole and was on fire. The driver was still inside. Ron was able to get the driver out of the vehicle while Kaden was relaying information to dispatch. Ron needed some treatment on scene for smoke inhalation.

The award was presented to each of them by Firefighter Elizabeth Hooper, who was on the call. She is the one who came up the idea to recognize them. Assistant Chief Rich Perkins talked about the call.

County Executive Samantha Kerkman presented them with the Kenosha County Hero Among Us commendation.

Town of Paris Chief Colin Hennessey, Ronald Meigs, Kristin Meigs, Kaden Hentschel County Executive Samantha Kerkman, County Board Supervisor Brian Bashaw, Assistant Chief Rich Perkins

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