Salem Lakes passes 2023 total tax levy with 2.81 percent increase

The Salem Lakes Village Board has passed a total 2023 tax levy of $5,964,854.

That figure is an increase of $163,283 or 2.81 percent over 2022.

The levy was passed unanimously (with Trustee Ted Kmiec absent) at a meeting on Nov. 14. No member of the public spoke at a public hearing on the budget earlier in the meeting.

The $5,964,854 levy for 2023 includes the Community Library levy. The village does not control the library levy, which increased $35,819 or 7.14 percent. The village set portion of the levy for 2023 is $5,427,136, which increased $127,464 or 2.41 percent over 2022.

The village’s overall assessed value increased $15,563,200 or about 1 percent.

The mil rate for village property taxpayers including the library levy will increase 2 percent to $3.54/$1,000 of assessed value. What that means for individual village property owners village tax bill will depend on how much their valuation changed — if any — over the last year. If a property was valued at $250,000 for the 2022 tax year and that value did not change for 2023, the increase in the village portion of the tax bill would be about $17.


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