Wilmot Veterans Day Observance

Wilmot held their annual Veterans Observance Friday morning. It began with breakfast, then program for them and the school. There was a processional into the field house, flanked by students waving small American flags.

Wilmot Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir
After Taps, played by Director of Instrumental Music and Navy veteran John Sorenson, the veterans exited the field house to all the students applauding them as they left the room and into the commons.
After the program, Ensign McKenzie Miner was presented with a Way To Go certificate by Associate Principal Dan Bender and Director of Instrumental Music John Sorenson. “Thank you for sharing your story with students, faculty, staff, and guests at our annual Veterans Day assembly on November 11, 2022. Your time and devotion to the United States Navy and to our community will leave a lasting impact on our students as they continue their journey, preparing for college, career and civic engagement.”
Opening remarks
History of Veterans Day
Women in the Military
“Let Freedom Ring!”
Marches of the Armed Forces and Timeline of Service
My America

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