June 8, 2022 lake test results: PHLA at swim caution

Paddock Hooker Lakes Association beach is under a swim caution after testing Tuesday showed elevated E.coli levels there.

The State Department of Health recommends posting warnings at beaches when test results indicate a E.coli level of 235/100mL or more and closing a beach when test results exceed E.coli 1000/100mL.

The result that prompted the caution was 461 E.coli/100 mL.

A resampling at PHLA beach was scheduled for Thursday.

Other testing results from this week as reported by Kenosha County Public Health (except where noted) are:

Salem Lakes – Silver Lake County Park beach 5 E.coli/100 mL; Silver Lake DeWitt Park 5 E.coli/100mL; Lake Shangri-la 220th Ct. 19 E.coli/100 mL; Center Lake 5 E.coli/100 mL; Camp Lake 84 E.coli/100 mL; Hooker Lake Boat Launch 6 E.coli/100 mL; Rock Lake 1 E.coli/100mL.

Paddock Lake — Old Settlers County Park beach 3 E.coli/100 mL; Hoag Park 21 E.coli/100 mL; North Shore Association 7 E.coli/100 mL; PHLA beach 461 E.coli/100mL; PHLA Diving Board 36 E.coli/100 mL.

Wheatland — Lilly Lake <1 E.coli/100 mL.

Twin Lakes — Lance Park on Lake Mary 4 E.coli/100 mL; Lucille on Lake Elizabeth 4 E.coli/100 mL; Musical 32 E.coli/100 mL; Sunset 7 E.coli/100 mL.

Randall — (as reported by town of Randall) Powers Lake beach 9.6 E.coli/100 mL; Fox Park beach 4.1 E.coli/100 mL.


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