Randall Town Board drafts golf cart, ATV referendum language

The Randall Town Board has drafted proposed language for an advisory referendum in November seeking to test town residents’ opinion toward legalizing golf carts and ATVs on some town roads.

The language agreed on at board meeting Thursday was proposed by Supervisor Paula Soderman and read (after some revisions):

Should the Town of Randall consider an enforceable ordinance for golf carts, ATVs and other motorized vehicles on town subdivision roads only? This will be at the expense of the owner, The cost is unknown and may determine the feasibility.

Town Chairman Bob Stoll said any referendum would be held in conjunction with the fall election in November. The board would not have to follow the results in the referendum.

In July 2021, the board formed a golf cart committee after hearing from some residents — mostly from the Knolls subdivision in Powers Lake — that they would like to be able to operate golf carts legally. The committee held meetings and eventually reported back to the board the recommendation to hold a referendum.

“I think what we need to do is put the referendum out there as concise as we can,” Stoll said.

The largest cost associated with making carts and ATVs legal on some town roads would be enforcement, Stoll said. While there are several options, contracting with Twin Lakes for enforcement might be the most feasible, he added. Likely any contracted enforcement also could address other town ordinances.

That possibility of incurring significant cost was why Soderman included the wording about cost determining feasibility in her referendum language, she said.

“It really all boils down to cost,” Soderman said.

Stoll said he will forward the referendum language to the town attorney for review. In the meantime, the issue is likely on hold until after the public weighs in on the referendum question.

“Until we get the pulse of the people, it’s hard to say,” Stoll said,

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