Slow no wake declared for Paddock Lake

/Paddock Lake photo

A slow no wake order has been issued for Paddock Lake, the village announced Wednesday.

Slow no wake was ordered after the lake level rose above the elevation of 794.7, village administrator Tim Popanda said.

The order will stay in effect until the lake level falls below 794.7. Village staff will monitor the level.

Slow no wake signs have been placed at lake access points and launches notifying the public and lake users that a slow no wake condition exists on the lake, Popanda said.

The historic highest level measured was 797.2 in April 1993.

The historic lowest level of 791.3 was recorded in October 1993.

Paddock Lake is a kettle lake formed by glaciers. The lake is 132 acres in size with a maximum depth of 32 feet and has an approximate water volume of 1,281 (acre feet). The lake’s watershed is approximately 265 acres.

The lake drains from an outfall (spillway) located in the southeast corner of the lake. This spillway has an intermittent flow of lake water, with a surface elevation of 794.2. Generally, the stream flows during spring and summer months, but often ceases to flow water out of the lake in July and August.


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