Spring election 2022: Salem, Wheatland, Trevor-Wilmot and Bristol school districts and Town of Wheatland have referendums on April 5 ballot

Four local school districts and one town will have referendums on the the April 5 ballot.

Here is a rundown of the referendums:

Salem School District — This school district will have two referendums on the ballot for district residents. One seeks authority for no more than $18.3 million in a bonding referendum for facility improvements and $1.5 million for a three-year non-recurring operating referendum.  District officials estimate taxpayers should see no tax increase related to passing the new referendums and perhaps see a small decrease. More information from the district is available here.

Wheatland J1 School District — This school district is seeking via referendum approval to exceed the levy limit by up to $525,000 for four years. A similar referendum passed in 2018 expires this year. The new referendum amount is actually less than the previous referendum. District officials project no increase to the school property tax rate as a result of passing the referendum. More information from the district is available here.

Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School District –– This school district is seeking voter approval to exceed the state revenue limit by $800,000 annually for five years. The initial tax increase is estimated to be 15 cents per $1,000 of property value, district officials say. More information from the district is available here.

Bristol School District #1 — This school district is seeking authority to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $22,300,000 for a school facility improvement project at the school including: Security upgrades-surveillance, doors, alarm system, entry systems; HVAC; roofing repairs; updated parking lot with drop off and bus loop; cafeteria space; Large Group Instruction space for students and staff development. District officials project approving the referendum would result in a mill rate increase of 30 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. More information from the district is available here.

Town of Wheatland — The Town Board authorized a referendum as a first step in making the postions of town clerk and town treasurer appointed by the board rather than elected by town voters. Of the eight Western Kenosha County municipalities, only Wheatland and Brighton currently have elected clerks and treasurers (both roles are combined in one person in Brighton). The action was prompted by the Town Board “planning for the future,” said current and long-time town Clerk Sheila Siegler. More information from a previous westofthei.com story is available here.


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