Wheatland Center School students compete in 2022 Math Meet

Wheatland Center School 7th & 8th Grade Mathletes: Back row (left to right) Genevieve Bruzas, Emily Bush, Cooper Pappadakis, Kaci Peters. Front row (left to right) Stella Kohlhagen, Bishop Coe, Brooklyn Severson, Andrew Gerlach. /Submitted photo

From Wheatland Center School:

Wheatland students were ready for an extra challenge at the Math Meet that was held at the Kenosha County Center on January 11, 2022. Students in grades fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth competed against twenty-eight other math students from eight different schools. Members of the fifth and sixth grade team were: Mila Coe, Billy Gauger, Tyson Meracle, Gavin Snyder, Adam Crane, Elaina Hetland, Jaxon Morehouse, and Mackenzie Whitaker. Members of the seventh and eighth grade team were: Genevieve Bruzas, Bishop Coe, Stella Kohlhagen, Brooklyn Severson, Emily Bush, Andrew Gerlach, Cooper Pappadakis, and Kaci Peters.

Three Wheatland students scored in the top 10 within their grade level. Tyson Meracle placed ninth
overall in fifth grade. Jaxon Morehouse placed fourth overall in sixth grade. Andrew Gerlach placed
eighth overall in eighth grade.

Wheatland Center School 5th & 6th Grade Mathletes: Back row (left to right) Billy Gauger, Gavin Snyder, Tyson Meracle, Jaxon Morehouse. Front row (left to right) Elaina Hetland, Mila Coe, Adam Crane, Mackenzie Whitaker. /Submitted photo


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