A word from our sponsors: Paris seeks bids for mowing

Note: The following is a paid announcement from the town of Paris. — DH

The Town of Paris is accepting sealed bids for lawn mowing on a per cutting basis from qualified bidders.  The lawn to be mowed extends from the sodded lawn to the workland surrounding the Paris Safety Building, 16607 Burlington Road, Union Grove, WI 53182.

The bid includes string trimming around all landscaping features, driveways, culvert and building foundations where appropriate at each cutting.

The bid includes controlling the noxious weeds that grow around the safety building on all sides.

The bid can include the cost of an annual spring clean-up of the mowed areas.

The bid can include the cost for labor and materials to renew the mulch in beds surrounding the Town Hall when such service is requested.

Proof of liability insurance is required plus a list of all equipment.  Bidders may send the sealed bids to the Town Clerk, Paris Safety Building, 16607 Burlington Road, Union Grove, WI  53182, or drop them off in person.  All bids must be delivered to the Town Clerk by 4:00pm by Wednesday, March 18th, 2022. 

On Tuesday evening, March 22nd, 2022, at the regular meeting of the Paris Town Board, the sealed bids will be opened with a decision of who the successful bidder is to follow.  The Town of Paris, however, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids in the best interest of the Town.


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