21 Wheatland Center School students to be published in 2022 Southern Lakes Anthology

2021-22 Wheatland Anthology Students – Back row (left to right) Ari Stephens, Caden Ori, Mackenzie Idell, Kaci Peters, Grace Snyder, Haven Young and Roy Micke Middle row (left to right) Mattaline Konrad, Areti Stamayannos, Isabelle Gaynor, Elaina Hetland, Mya Biedrzycki, Cambree Lois, Isobel Scherer, Sophie Larsen, Valerie Defilippo and Abigail DaSilva Front row (left to right) Giulietta Gere, Jack Neal, Wren Hawkins, Josephine Augustyn, Vincent Syreini and Averie Schmaling Not pictured Caden Singleton, Rylee Warren and Aija Zelenko. /Submitted photo

Twenty one Wheatland Center School students will have work published in this year’s Southern Lakes Anthology.

That is the most students the school has ever had published in the anthology in a single year, said Martin McGinley, district administrator.

Seventh grader Haven Young, received special recognition this year. In addition to having her artwork
titled “Always” published in this year’s anthology, it will be showcased on the front cover.

Sixth grader Mackenzie Idell, also received special recognition this year by having the opportunity to read her poem at
the reception in Whitewater in May.

Here is the full list of Wheatland students that will be published in the anthology;

Third grade:
● Giulietta Gere for her illustrated writing titled “Seed of Joy”
● Jack Neal for his poetry titled “Time is Change”
● Averie Schmaling for her illustrated writing titled “Rollercoaster Emotions”

Fourth grade:
● Josephine Augustyn for her illustrated writing titled “Gone”
● Wren Hawkins for her illustrated writing titled “Keep On Going”

Fifth grade:
● Mattaline Konrad for her art titled “Nature Girl”

Sixth grade:
● Mya Biedrzycki for her illustrated writing titled “A Girl in War”
● Isabelle Gaynor for her poetry titled “I Am Me”
● Elaina Hetland for her poetry titled “Setbacks”
● Mackenzie Idell for her poetry titled “They Endure”
● Cambree Lois for her poetry titled “The Girl I Want To Be”
● Areti Stamayannos for her prose titled “I Can”
● Rylee Warren for her prose titled “Impossible or I’m Possible”

Seventh grade:
● Roy Micke for his illustrated writing titled “Galactic Minds”
● Caden Ori for his illustrated writing titled “The Cycle”
● Isobel Scherer for her art titled “Equality Through The Pride”
● Haven Young for her art titled “Always”

Eighth grade:
● Sophie Larsen for her art titled “The Balancing Boulder”
● Kaci Peters for her poetry titled “I Am and I Will”
● Grace Snyder for her art titled “Words Can Burn”
● Ari Stephens for his prose titled “The Fault”


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