Paddock Lake extends golf cart season

The Paddock Lake Village Board on Wednesday extended the season during which golf carts can legally be used on village streets.

Properly registered carts can now be used from March 1 through the date of the annual village holiday parade, typically the second or third Saturday in December.

The measure passed by a 6 to 1 vote with Trustee Gloria Walter voting against. During discussion of the change that took place Wednesday, some other board members argued against the change, but ultimately voted for it.

The change was proposed by Trustee Scott Garland. He answered concerns about golf carts being used in bad weather by arguing for the use of personal responsibility.

 “Leave it to the good judgment of the owners,” Garland said. “It should be our call.”

In answer to village President Terry Burns argument that golf cart owners are a small portion of the total village population, Tim Popanda, village administrator, proposed putting the matter on an upcoming resident survey to gauge support. The original golf cart ordinance was put to a non-binding referendum before it was passed. But board members supporting the change forged ahead with a motion Wednesday.

The new ordinance will include a provision stating golf cart use on village streets is prohibited when there is one inch or more of snow on the road or when icy conditions are sufficient to require sand or salt, said Popanda.

The village has allowed golf cart use on village streets since 2015.


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