Kenosha County COVID-19 update Oct. 4, 2021: 19,100 positives

Kenosha County COVID-19 vaccination status /Kenosha County Division of Health

Note: All numbers are cumulative since data started being reported in early 2020, unless otherwise noted. — DH

Kenosha County Public Heath is reporting 19,100 total positive COVID-19 test results in Kenosha County as of Monday. That’s 132 more than Friday. There have been 340 COVID-19 deaths in Kenosha County, 3 more than Friday. Kenosha County Public Health is reporting 92,813 negative test results.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services is reporting a positive rate of 11,214/100,000 people and a 1.8 percent case fatality rate in Kenosha County as of Monday.

In Kenosha County, 51.17 percent of the population has had at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination and 48.21 percent are fully vaccinated as of Monday.

Kenosha County Public Health is reporting the following total positive COVID-19 test results for Western Kenosha County as of Monday:

  • Bristol — 547 cases (5 more than Friday)
  • Paddock Lake — 351 cases (3 more than Friday)
  • Salem Lakes — 1,400 cases (18 more than Friday)
  • Randall — 308 cases (3 more than Friday)
  • Twin Lakes — 543 cases (4 more than Friday)
  • Wheatland — 302 cases (6 more than Friday)
  • Paris — 131 cases (1 more than Friday)
  • Brighton — 148 cases (4 more than Friday)

All other county cases reported above are from Kenosha, Somers and Pleasant Prairie.

Here are Kenosha County COVID-19 daily positives and negatives over time:

Here are Kenosha County COVID-19 positives as a percentage of daily tests over time along with a 14-day moving average:

The Kenosha County Division of Health announced Kenosha County’s first case of COVID-19 coronavirus on March 16, 2020.

Wisconsin DHS is reporting 736,385 positive tests and 3,388,480 negative tests with 8,041 deaths statewide as of Monday.

In Lake County, Ill., where many people from Kenosha County work, there have been 70,741 positives as of Monday.


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