Active shooter report at Carthage College a false alarm, police say

Kenosha Police say a report of an active shooter at Carthage College Monday was a false alarm spread through misinformation on social media.

From a Kenosha Police Department news release:

Just after noon time today Kenosha Police Officers were dispatched to Carthage College (2001 Alford
Park Drive) for a report of an active shooter.
Kenosha Police and Kenosha Sheriff’s Deputies sent a full response to the campus. Officers were
directed to a specific building and further provided with a specific room number in which the shooting
was alleged to be taking place.
KPD and KSD conducted a systematic search and evacuation of the building that was reported to be the
incident location. A large perimeter was established near the building to ensure student/staff safety.
As trained, while the building was being checked, a parallel investigation was being conducted to learn
the facts. It was quickly determined that this was a case of misinformation spread through social media
and word of mouth.
The building and surrounding area were thoroughly checked and no evidence of an active shooter or any
type of disturbance was discovered. There are no injuries and no one is in custody regarding this
incident; however, and investigation continues into the source of reporting.
Kenosha Police would like to remind our public that we take these reports seriously and will always put
public safety first. Additionally, for factual and up to date information please follow us at:
Kenosha Police Twitter and Facebook should be your trusted source of information.


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