Brass Ball removed from corners; awaits placement at new site

Maybe, like me, you have had your eyes more on orange barrels lately to have noticed, but the iconic brass ball over the intersection of Highway 50 and Highways 83/75 — also known as Brass Ball Corners — is no longer there.

It’s not a surprise. Paddock Lake officials announced in March that the ball’s days were limited.

The deed was officially done Sept. 2, when a We Energies crew took the ball down from its spot suspended over the intersection from four utility poles, said Tim Popanda, village administrator. The ball is now in the village’s possession.

Fear not, the brass ball will be back on public display eventually. Current plans call for the ball to be displayed at the roadside historical marker, but not until after We Energies replaces utility poles along Highway 50 and the Highway 50 reconstruction/widening project is done (probably 2022 or 2023), Popanda said.

A brass ball of some sort hung over the intersection as a landmark since at least the 1930s. A brass ball — though not always actually brass — was displayed at the intersection as a landmark and navigation aid as early as the 1840s.


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