Twin Lakes gets peek at county plans for East Lakeshore Drive-Highway EM

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The Twin Lakes Village Board got a first look how the county will repave and create new sidewalks or paths along East Lakeshore Drive (which also is county Highway EM).

The project is proposed to resurface the entire road surface from where Lakeshore/Highway EM meets Highway Z south to the state line.

The county is also proposing creating some more pedestrian friendly sections where feasible to help separate vehicle traffic from walkers. Clement Abongwa, Kenosha County director of highways/highway commissioner, said at a Twin Lakes Village Board meeting Tuesday that the road is heavily used by pedestrians for a county highways.

Abongwa outlined two approaches to try to get some separation between vehicular traffic and pedestrian. One, which he called the “Cadillac option” would be to construct sidewalks and curbed streets. The other option would be to pave over the area where the current roadside ditch system is and create a piped storm sewer to catch and transport the water the ditches used to. Both methods could only be implemented along some stretches of the road.

Of three options presented, some board members seemed to favor the one calling for 1.4 miles of storm sewer, curb and sidewalk work along with resurfacing of 2.6 miles of the road. The cost of that plan was estimated at $2.9 million

“I’m just thrilled that we are looking at it,” said Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald.

It’s too early in the process to tell if the village might need to share in the cost or how much, said Laura Roesslein, village administrator.

“We will know more as the project progresses and once Kenosha County passes their budget,” Roesslein said in an email to

Once an approach to the work is settled on, the county expects to take 2022 to develop a full design with work taking place in 2023.


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