2021 Kenosha County Fair Poultry Show results

Here are results from the 2021 Kenosha County Fair Poultry Show held Thursday at the fairgrounds in Wilmot.

Junior Fair

Grand Champion Turkey: Rebecca Springer – Bronze Hen

Reserve Champion Turkey: Austin Point – White Holland Hen

Grand Champion Duck: Alexander Hannah – Black Muscovy

Reserve Champion Duck: Austin Dawson – Buff

Grand Champion Goose: Ashton Scheele – African Gander

Reserve Champion Goose: Ashton Scheele – Buff Goose

Grand Champion Large Fowl: Ian Kerkman – Rhode Island Red

Reserve Champion Large Fowl: Alexander Hannah – Ancona

Grand Champion Bantam Chicken: Evan Kerkman – Speckled Sussex

Reserve Champion Bantam Chicken: Evan Kerkman – White Wyandotte

Grand Champion Market: Thomas Kirchner

Reserve Champion Market: Aaron Crane

Grand Helmeted Guinea Fowl: Sydney Nys

Poultry Showmanship

Novice — 1st: Elizabeth Barton; 2nd: Rachel Strong; 3rd: Carly Corelli; 4th: Tess Luedtke

Beginner — 1st: Caleb Fleege; 2nd: Tessi Bruett; 3rd: Madelyn Hannah; 4th: Caria Luedtke

Junior — 1st: Emmalyn Hannah; 2nd: Carver Deaton.

Senior — 1st: Ian Kerkman; 2nd: Evan Kerkman; 3rd: Katelyn Hannah; 4th: Alexander Hannah

Champion Showman: Ian Kerkman

Premiere Exhibitor: Ian Kerkman


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