Randall golf cart committee gets guidance from Town Board

The Randall Town Board gave some guidance on topics that its recently created committee to explore allowing golf carts on town roads should address.

The outline was developed by town Chairman Bob Stoll and discussed at last week’s Town Board meeting.

The board recently created a seven-member committee to explore the issue of allowing golf carts on town roads after being approached by a citizen. Supervisor Randy Kaskin is the chairman of the committee.

Stoll said he developed his outline to give the committee some guidance. Ultimately, he envisions the committee generating some kind of informational report on the issue.

“The purpose here is to try to let the people that want these golf carts to put forward their idea in an unbiased format,” Stoll said.

Citizen Charlie Gitzinger, who is on the committee, said he felt the issue is worthy of a referendum.

“Since everyone in town is effected by it I think it should be on a referendum vote,” Gitzinger said.

Stoll said that would be possible, but the exploration of the issue should take place first so that there is information upon which citizens can make an informed decision.

Following is Stoll’s outline, which was not formally adopted by the board as a whole:

Golf cart Feasibility
8/7/21 draft

  1. Can this be done?
    a. Compliance with State Statutes (ss 349.18)
    b. Identify which neighborhoods are eligible to include
    c. What types of vehicles would be allowed and which would be excluded
  2. Proposal – Start-up – Regulation
    a. Develop guidelines and standards
    b. Start-up costs
  3. Registration
  4. Registration plates, signage, road striping etc
  5. Printing; Handbook / guidance, citations, etc
  6. Staff impact; administration, legal, inspection, etc
  7. Patrol vehicle?
    c. Establish a fee structure
    d. Establish Enforcement Plan
  8. Ongoing expense
    a. Enforcement Plan implementation, additional patrols, prosecution, vehicle, etc
    b. Administrative; record keeping, complaint handling, etc


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