45 mph means 45 mph for construction zone, says Wheatland constable

If you’ve been wondering if that posted 45 mph speed limit through the construction zone west of Paddock Lake to almost the county line is always in effect even when there’s no work going on, Wheatland Constable Robert Santelli clarified the situation at Monday’s Town Board meeting.

“That’s absolute during the construction,” Santelli said of the 45 mph speed limit. The state set it up so that it is in effect whether active construction is going on or not seven days a week 24 hours a day.

The regular speed limit in that area is 55 mph.

Santelli said lately he has been writing more tickets in the area recently, some for motorists traveling 20-plus mph over the construction zone limit.

“You have to do 45 (mph), period,” Santelli said.

Work on the stretch of Highway 50 from the west end of Paddock Lake to 368th Avenue started in April and is expected to continue through the summer into the fall.


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