Judge rules Camp Lake Road house not legal for placement of sex offender

A Kenosha County Circuit Court judge ruled a house on Camp Lake Road does not meet statutory requirements for the placement of a sex offender on supervised release after a hearing in Kenosha Tuesday afternoon.

In ruling that the house at 27356 Camp Lake Road could not serve as a residence for convicted sex offender Dale Peshek, Judge Mary Wagner also ordered Kenosha County to supply some other residence, perhaps a trailer on county-owned land, for Peshek. A hearing to check on that was set for July 22.

Peshek was convicted of sexual assault of a child.

Wagner accepted the county and state Department of Justice’s contention that the Camp Lake Road house, though originally thought to be sufficiently far away from Lakewood Terrace Park, was in fact too close after additional information about the true size of the park parcel came to light.

After the hearing, Mike Murdock, Salem Lakes village administrator, called the ruling a victory for the neighborhood.

“The residents won,” Murdock said. “This was always about the safety of the residents.”

Peshek’s placement, along with another sex offender, was ordered by the court earlier this year. A report by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said no park, church, school or other child gathering place was within the statutory 1,500 feet of the Camp Lake Road house.

When the impending placement came to the attention of Murdock in May he pointed out that there were other parks within the limit and that the Lakewood Terrace Park also was inside the 1,500 feet buffer if the west side of the park was used for measuring.

Wagner disallowed the claim of the smaller unmarked empty lots qualifying as parks, but said the new measurement of Lakewood Terrace Park showing it to be 1,370 feet from the park should stand.

Peshek’s attorney Robert Peterson contended the house was not within 1,500 feet when using any measure of how Peshek could travel to the park without using “superpowers,” like flying. He said it would be 1,900 feet by boat, 1,700 square feet on land cutting through private property and 2,300 feet walking along streets.

The Camp Lake Road house was also set to be a placement location for Brian Threlkeld, another convicted sex offender. Last Friday, Judge Anthony Milisauskas ruled on Threlkeld’s case, ordering a stay of the previous court order making the placement due to the original ruling being based on inaccurate information about the house’s proximity to a park.


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