A word from our sponsors: Aquanuts ski shows to return to Twin Lakes starting May 29

/Lisa Neal Photography, used with permission

Note: This is a paid announcement from Aquanuts Water Shows. — DH

Aquanuts Water Shows will be back entertaining audiences on Lake Mary in Twin Lakes this summer.

The first show of the season is scheduled for Saturday, May 29, starting at 6 p.m., at Lance Park.

After not being able to put on a show since labor day weekend 2019, 20 months later, no one was 100% sure when we would be able to safely be together and perform for an audience.  We had virtually no revenue last year, yet we had 70% of our expenses, but key people stepped up and made sure that we were ready, when Covid allowed us.  Tommy Bartlett gone, and shortages of boats, engines and equipment, we entered the year with a lot of uncertainty.  With so many people going their own way in 2020, we also weren’t 100%  sure who would be back for 2021.  The Aquanuts are very fortunate to have the support of Todd Renn from Twin Lakes Marine in Twin Lakes, and Bill Gage from Gage Marine in Lake Geneva to help us get our show, finances, and equipment in order and ready to go.  From the looks of the early practices, this team could be our most talented team since the 2015 national championship. 

2021 is our 49th year of entertaining crowds on the shores of Lake Mary in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. The Aquanuts are credited with being the first team to use background music, the first team to use pyro-technics, and the first team to use jump boats. (insurance doesn’t allow us to do Jump boats anymore) . 

The Aquanuts are known for the ladies ballet line and over the years have developed a thread the needle ballet act, 32 ladies strong. In 2015 the Aquanuts were National Champions, and in 2016 had the highest scoring pyramid act at Nationals, with a 5 high pyramid. The Aquanut Ballet line has won the national title 6 out of the last 8 years and is the defending champion from 2019.  In 2019, Aquanaut’s Ethan Shulda from Twin Lakes, and Kailey Koehler from Lake Geneva were, respectively, awarded the National Ski Show MVP-Men’s and MVP-Women’s award.  Kailey Koehler was also the 2018 winner, making her only the 2nd back-to-back winner in the country. The Team finished 2nd in the Nationals tournament in August 2019. 

With 2021 Show directors Dan Boerman and Kailey Koehler, the 2021 show highlights the talents of our skiers around the theme of “Ski Jam” a take off from the 1992 movie and soon to be re-released 2021 version of Space Jam, as the Aquanuts team up to save the world from Aliens!

The Aquanuts perform in Lance Park in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin most Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6 pm from Memorial Day to Labor day in Lance Park.

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/Lisa Neal Photography, used with permission
/Lisa Neal Photography, used with permission

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