Sheriff’s Department body cameras are on the road

The body camera is between his fingers.

For the last three weeks, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department has deployed body cameras throughout the department and corrections. Tuesday night, the Kenosha county Sheriff’s Department gave a demonstration for the County Board.

“It’s going to help our officers prove, most of the time, they’ve done exactly as they are supposed to do,” said Sheriff David Beth.

The camera isn’t dependent of deputy activation. It automatically activates when they get within a quarter mile of their call. The recording identifies the deputy and the type of call. If the squad lights go on, the camera turns on. It turns on if they run after a suspect.

“This is going to be a lot safer for our deputies and officers on the road” said Beth.

Camera, ‘watch’ and holder.

It’s more than just a body camera. It’s the new cameras in the squads, and both work with the computer in the squad and the cloud for storage.

“The documentation is going to tie into all we do. The amount of time the footage is stored will depend on the type of call” said Beth.

KCSD is the first department in the state to get this system.


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