Spring Election 2021: Central High School District of Westosha Paddock Lake seat Q&A

Voters in the Central High School District of Westosha will be able to vote in a contested election on April 6 for the Paddock Lake seat on teh School Board.

Incumbent Cheryl Baysinger and challenger John Poole will appear on the ballot.

All candidates were sent identical questionnaires. Below are their answers as they sent them in:

Cheryl Baysinger — Age: 58. Education: 1980 Westosha Central Graduate, 1985 Bachelors of Science UW-Platteville, two associate degrees from Gateway as an adult. Occupation: IT Coordinator for Society’s Assets, Inc.
Previous elected/appointed public office: The Westosha Central Paddock Lake area board member seat since 2003.

John Poole — Age: 73. Education: Graduated from Illinois State University with BS in Accounting. Served in US Marine Corps as a Vietnam Veteran, discharged as a Sergeant E-5. Occupation: Accountant. Previous Elected/Appointed public office: Served on Kenosha County Board for 6 years from 2014 to 2020.

Why are you the best choice for Central High School District of Westosha Paddock Lake area board member?

Baysinger — This is my school and always will be. I am a proud graduate and appreciate the education that was provided for me and for my son. I have in the past and will continue to work to provide that quality education for all of the children in my community. As a resident of Paddock Lake for over 30 years, I believe we all need to do what we can to encourage, enhance and provide for the youth in my community. I enjoy attending Falcon games, concerts and performances and support fund raisers when I am given the opportunity. I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of the students at Central.

Poole — I’m running because no one else stepped up to run and my opponent has never had an opponent in her 18 years on the board.  The voters have a big choice to make regarding the $40 Million referendum for Central High School in the spring election.  I’m personally against the $40 Million referendum and since my opponent is for it, the voters have a clear choice.  I’m an accountant with over 40 years’ experience so I can read and balance a budget.  I will be a voice for the taxpayers!  I served 6 years on the Kenosha County Board, so I know how government works.  My mother was a teacher for over 30 years so I know what challenges a teacher faces.

What do you see as the chief issues facing Central High School District of Westosha and how do you feel they should be addressed?

Baysinger — Funding and Facilities are both issues we face today and in the future. The State funding formula is really complicated and apparently lacking across the state, as we see constant referenda for buildings and operations from many schools. We are a growing community, have done a good job in attracting open enrollment students but we cannot provide the spaces these kids deserve. Open enrollment is important because part of
the state funding formula is based on the per pupil count. And we want to keep our resident students in our district. Keeping the quality staff we currently have at Central is also key. I feel our facility needs can be addressed with the current referendum we have brought forward this spring. The state funding issue has to be addressed by our state government, and I can only share my opinion with my representatives.

Poole — The most pressing issue we have today is getting the children back in school full time.    We don’t want to have a “lost year” of education for our kids.  I hear from parents that their kids aren’t doing much on Wednesday, when Central is virtual.  The data is overwhelming, that children are at very low risk from COVID-19 and also much less likely than adults to spread it.  It’s time they are back in school so their parents can work!  If the board wants to pass the $40 Million referendum then we need kids back in school so parents can work to pay for it! 


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