Placement of fire safety signs to happen in Silver Lake this year

How the signs in Silver Lake will look

Silver Lake will be joining the rest of Salem Lakes with fire safety signs that display a property’s address when installation of the signs begins in Silver Lake this year.

The Salem Lakes Village Board last week approved a quote from Lange Enterprises to produce and install the signs in Silver Lake. The rest of the village already has the signs from an installation done years ago by the town of Salem.

Signs are $21.75 each, posts are $7.15 and the cost per installation is $8.75 per sign, said Michael Murdock, village administrator. Silver Lake has a little over 1,200 parcels, most of which will need a sign.

The general rule for location of the signs is 8 feet off edge of the pavement and 8 feet off the edge of driveway to the house side.  Buried utilities or other obstacles can cause deviations from that placement, Murdock said.

The Lange quote was approved unanimously by the board, with all members present.

At last week’s board meeting, Murdock said he asked Salem Lake Fire/Rescue Chief Mike Slover if the signs, designed to provide a uniform location for safety personnel to identify a particular property’s address and access point, are still relevant in today’s world of GPS.

“He said they absolutely are,” said Murdock, also an experienced firefighter. “You pull up at 2 a.m, it’s raining, it’s snowing but that sign is reflective and you know right where to go.”

Board members also expressed support for the signs being added to Silver Lake. Trustee Dan Campion related another use of the signs when he pointed out that some homes — like his — do not have obvious access points. The sign shows the location of the access point.

“I’m a firm believer in it,” Campion said of the signs. “Are they the most beautiful? No, but they are essential.”

Murdock said there is not a firm date for installation to begin, but he assumes it will start in late spring and continue through fall.

The initial sign and installation will be covered by the village, as it was when the signs were first installed by Salem, Murdock said. After that, any new signs become the responsibility of the homeowner. The village charges a sign fee for every new home permit to cover the cost for future signs.

As for potential complaints about the aesthetics of the signs, village President Diann Tesar said “you don’t even see them after a while.”


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