More bitter cold, then more snow; wind chill advisory in effect

/National Weather Service graphic

A National Weather Service wind chill advisory is in effect for much of southeast Wisconsin, including Kenosha County.

The advisory is set to be in effect until noon, Monday.

The latest, local NWS forecast says we could see a low of -4 Sunday night, and wind chill values of -15 to -20. The text of the advisory calls for wind chill as low as -30.

A little while after the wind chill advisory should expire, start looking for snow Monday. Snow may start as early as 11 a.m. and is all but certain by 5 p.m. We may see as much as 4 inches of total snow accumulation by 11 a.m., Tuesday.

After that, temps are expected to creep up some. Wednesday may see a high over 20. That may steadily increase over the next few days until a high in the mid-30s on Saturday.


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