Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School to move to virtual learning until Feb. 16

Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School students will be learning from home until Feb. 16, the school district announced Tuesday.

Here is a news release from the district and Kenosha County:

Due to a recent exposure of a COVID-19 positive case, the Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School District will shift exclusively to remote learning effective Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the district announced today (Tuesday, Feb. 9).

This adjustment will continue until Tuesday, February 16, 2021, said District Administrator Dr. Michelle Garven.

“Although we continue to follow the protocols and procedures in the Road to Return, there are times when an individual’s extent of exposure extends across the entire school and a shift to Learning at Home is warranted. Student safety continues to remain at the forefront of all decisions in our school community. We continue to appreciate the support and cooperation of the Kenosha County Health Department and our school families as we continue to work through this pandemic together.”

The Kenosha County Division of Health is working with the school to assist in identifying close contacts of the positive cases. Close contacts include those who:
— Had direct physical contact with an infected individual (e.g.: a hug or handshake).
— Were within six feet of any of a COVID-19-positive individual for more than 15 minutes.
— Had contact with respiratory secretions from an infected individual (e.g.: were coughed/sneezed on, had contact with dirty tissue, or shared a drinking glass, food or towels or other personal items.

Those who did not receive a phone call from the Division of Health or a close contact letter from Trevor-Wilmot were likely not in contact with the COVID-19-positive individual and are therefore not considered to be in a higher-risk group.

Close contacts are asked to quarantine for 10 to 14 days from the last date of exposure to a COVID-19-positive individual. The shorter, 10-day quarantine is only recommended for those who have not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms during that time. Quarantined close contacts are asked to quarantine from all extracurricular activities including sports and childcare facilities.

Parents are urged to monitor their students and other family members for any COVID-19 symptoms, including but not limited to: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, fatigue, headaches, etc. Those who do become symptomatic should call their health care provider.

“While everyone’s attention has shifted to vaccination, it’s important to remember that the COVID-19 virus is still very much alive in our community,” said Kenosha County Health Officer Dr. Jen Freiheit. “We are still very much in the mode of wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding
gatherings and making sure we stay home if we feel sick.”

A frequently updated list of COVID-19 testing sites in and around Kenosha County is available at For information about COVID-19 cases in Kenosha County and measures people can take to protect themselves from the virus, visit the Kenosha County COVID-19 Information Hub website at


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