Wheatland pondering creating dog park with bequeathed lot

The Wheatland Town Board is considering whether to accept an offer from a deceased property owner to sell land to the town for $100 is if it used as a dog park.

The board learned recently that Gail Schoch in her will offered to bequeath the town a property in about the 7900 block of Highway JI if it was developed as a dog park. The town would have to pay Schoch’s estate $100 to complete the transfer.

A dog park is typically a fairly open piece of ground surrounded by a secure fence. Within the fenced area, dogs can run free off leash.

Town Clerk Sheila Siegler said the lot is heavily wooded and would likely need substabtial clearing to be useful as a dog park.

Supervisor Kelly Wilson said she heard from a neighbor about the property being offered as a dog park.

Attorney Stephen M. Clubb, speaking at Monday’s Town Board virtual meeting, said Schuch died two years ago, but that the estate is complex. The offer was not being hidden from the town. Instead, the estate just had not gotten to notifying the town yet, Clubb said.

Board members said they were interested in looking at the property before deciding whether to pursue figuring out what developing a dog park would cost.

“I’d like a chance to take a look at the property,” said Supervisor Andrew Lois, who added that he knows the county dog park located near Twin Lakes is well used.

Wilson agree to spearhead any research into the project that will be needed.


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