Paddock Lake expands golf cart use to all village roads

Golf cart use has been expanded to all Paddock Lake roads after action by the Village Board last week.

The vote to include 236th Avenue and 248th Avenue was 4-3, with Trustees Gloria Walter, Barb Brenner and Kathy Christenson voting no.

The original golf cart ordinance allowed use of properly outfitted, inspected and permitted carts on all village roads except 248th Avenue, the primary village road on the west side of the lake and 236th Avenue, the primary village road on the east side of the lake. Golf cart use on county and state highways also is prohibited in the ordinance.

At a committee of the whole meeting Nov. 11, board members discussed the idea, which was prompted by residents of 248th and 236th avenues that wanted to be able to legally use their golf carts on their home streets. Other residents have pointed out that the restriction keeps golf cart drivers from accessing some businesses at 248th Avenue and Highway 50 and Village Hall, which is on 236th Avenue.

Village President Terry Burns said the intent of the original ordinance was to allow residents of 248th and 236th avenues to drive on those streets long enough to access an allowed street. But the ordinance language is vague on the point and difficult to enforce.

“The simplest answer is to just vacate that part of the ordinance,” Burns said referring to the prohibition of carts on 236th Avenue and 248th Avenue.

Trustee Kathy Christenson objected to the move as unsafe.

“I think opening up these two major roads, there’s going to be problems,” Christenson said. “I just don’t see this.”

The board also discussed but did not agree to a change in the golf cart season of April 1 to Nov. 30.


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