Bristol approves ATV/UTV use in Lake George neighborhood

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The Bristol Village Board has approved the use of ATVs/UTVs on village roads in the Lake George neighborhood.

The unanimous vote took place at Monday’s Village Board meeting.

The village had an ordinance governing ATV/UTV use on designated village roads, but had never approved a map showing any village roads that were approved for ATV use.

The village will now develop and include in the ordinance a map that shows the Lake George area village roads as designated ATV routes.

Some 50 residents of the neighborhood had petitioned the village to allow for the use of ATVs there, but the village fire chief, village administrator and the captain in charge of the operations division of the Sheriff’s Department had expressed concerns about the move, from a safety and workload standpoint.

The ordinance will only allow ATVs/UTVs on Luke George village roads and will not include county, state or US highways, village President Mike Farrell pointed out.

Trustee John McCabe also suggested changing the permitted speed limit to the posted limit with a maximum of 35 mph. Most roads in the Lake George area already have a 25 mph limit, residents present at the meeting said.

McCabe said the original intent was to also have golf cart use also allowed but since they are not addressed in the existing ordinance that would take additional research. However, they could be added at a later date.


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