4-H Club may add community garden to Paris Town Hall site

Photo by Michaela Kobyakov via stock.xchng

The Paris Happy Workers 4-H Club received Paris Town Board approval to pursue plans for a a community garden somewhere on the grounds of the town hall-fire station complex.

The Town Board discussed the matter and gave their OK to the general concept at Tuesday night’s monthly meeting.

“I’m comfortable with the idea,” said town Chairman John Holloway.

Nicole Niccolai, the club’s general leader, said she sees the garden as a way to revitalize the club’s public service with something hands on and local.

“I kind of want to bring community into their community service,” Niccolai said.

Niccolai said the garden could have been hosted at her property, but she felt the Town Hall location is more central and people might be more comfortable going there than a private property.

Supervisor Ken Monson said he was concerned the garden be kept up so that it did not reflect negatively on the town if it got weedy or otherwise unkempt.

“When  it comes to weeds, there’s a heck of a lot of work,” Monson said.

Niccolai pledged to keep the club working at the site.

“The kids will be working there regularly for community service,” Niccolai said.

Town officials also noted that currently outside water is not readily available from the building, which has no outdoor hoses. A hydrant at the site does not work.

Niccolai said she could supply hoses to use the outside bibs or could truck in water with a tanker truck her father-in-law has access to.

Holloway said the town will develop a list of concerns it has and ask for the club to come up with ways to address them.

Members of the committee that looks after the Veterans Memorial on the site also requested the garden not be located to close to the monument.

In the meantime, Holloway said Niccolai had the town’s blessing to apply for some grants to help pay for supplies for the garden.


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