Paddock Lake to begin videoing of meetings

Paddock Lake Village Board committee of the whole and regular meetings may soon be available for viewing on YouTube.

Village administrator Tim Popanda approached the board about starting the videoing at last week’s committee of the whole meeting and board members did not object.

Recently, Popanda said he received a request from a resident to have meetings available on YouTube, which the village did earlier this summer when COVID-19 restrictions were at their height. Those meetings were fully virtual, even for the board members and staff. However, the plan going forward would be to just video the in-person meetings held at Village Hall.

Meetings would likely be recorded passively, without a camera moving to focus on who was speaking. The video would be recorded without edit and posted to the village’s YouTube channel the next day, a staff memo on the subject says.

Currently the number of people able to be in Village Hall is limited due to requirements for social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The video recorded meetings could increase access to the meetings.

Popanda said recording and posting of meetings might nor continue after COVID restrictions were lifted ad more people can attend meetings in person.

Trustee Barb Brenner originally argued for recording just the regular meetings, but other board members and staff wanted to include committee of the whole meetings, which typically include more discussion of agenda items.


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