The Sharing Center mural project painting gets started

Painting of a mural on the east wall of The Sharing Center headquarters in Trevor started in earnest this weekend.

Sharon Pomaville, the center’s executive director, came up with the idea for a mural.

“I’ve just had a love for murals forever,” Pomaville said.

The center’s location on Highway C means tens of thousands of people pass by it in a week. Some will even have time to give it a thorough examination as they sit in backed up traffic created by the frequent trains on the nearby railroad line.

Pomaville sought to create a work of art for those passers by. She specifically did not want the work to include branding for the center like a logo or depictions of food (the center is probably best known for its emergency food service). Instead she wanted something bright and eye-catching.

Almost two years ago, in the grip of a cold winter, Pomaville started talking about the idea to local art teachers, students and others. Some of those people helped form a committee that kicked around how to pull off the project. Salem School art teachers Sara Grabarec and Brittany Stalker have been two of the key members of the group throughout.

Members of that group were able to submit a design for the mural. Then the group took each of the designs and talked about what they liked most from each one. Those favorite aspects were incorporated into the final design, Pomaville said.

Most of the supplies were donated, Pomaville said. A $300 grant from the Kenosha Community Foundation will help pay for a final coating by the local painters union over the painting to protect it from wear and damage.

The painting was supposed to start last fall, but weather got in the way. Then it was supposed to start this past spring, but COIVD-19 happened.

Over the summer, work finally did get underway. The design was first transferred on to the wall with the use of a projector. The outline was then spray painted to the wall.

Filling in those outlines began this weekend with lots of work completed due to good weather both days.

So if you see people painting the walls of The Sharing Center — or the finished product — know that it is not an elaborate act of vandalism. It’s a well-planned work of public art.



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