2020 Salem Lakes Cleanup coverage (PHOTOS)

Crews were out picking up trash Saturday for the 8th Annual Salem Lakes Cleanup. About 37 volunteers traveled the roads around Salem Lakes, including Fox River Road, 83, SA, AH, and B. The cleanup usually happens in the Spring, but was delayed because of Covid-19. The influence of the pandemic was evident in the trash, since masks were part of the roadside debris some crews were picking up.  

The event stars at Fox River Park for donuts and coffee. Crews receive their assignments. Trash bags, gloves, and vests are provided.

Allen Dunski has organized these events. He collects donations of garbage bags, gloves, vests,  or anything they can use for it. There were also prizes. Jennifer Stephens won the women’s gift basket. Don Todd won the men’s gift basket. Kaylee Stoll won the children’s gift basket.

Because of the pandemic situation, the post clean-up cookout was cancelled this year.


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